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Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast
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Emergency Pod!!!! Mid-Season Trailer

AHHHHHH!!!! Emergency Pod! The Mid-Season Trailer has dropped! We are shook and jump on to spiral about all the details! We still have so much to deep dive so stay tuned! Hope you all have the best day! Thank you so much for listening!

Social Media Updates and Seeing Ariana!

Hi Everyone! We wanted to jump on and pod about the latest updates since out latest pod! We saw Ariana in her comedy show last night and it was so fun! She looked sooo amazing! Hope you all have the best week!!!!

Season 10 Episode 6 Divorce Party Crashers

Divorce Party Crashers Lala and Katie freak out at Raquel for making out with Oliver in Vegas. Scheana plans a guy’s night to help Schwartz get back in the game whilst Tom and Tom weigh a big decision about the future of their bar. Meanwhile Lisa consoles Ariana about her loss.

Social Media Updates

Social Media Updates You guys, things just keep happening! Scheana’s Attorney released a statement today- we devoured endless podcasts and videos and are bringing you all the updates! Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah

Season 10 Episode 5

Season 10 Episode 5 Lovestruck at the Discopussy Katie plans a divorce party trip to Las Vegas and Lake Havasu, but conveniently leaves Scheana off the guest list; Lala and Raquel find themselves flirting with the same guy; Ariana receives devastating news from home. Hope you guys enjoy the pod! Thank you so much for…

Scandoval Updates

Scandoval Updates Let’s break down all of the new updates together!!! Tomorrow is the big day! See you all back here soon! Thanks so much for listening!

Emergency Podcast!!!! Ariana and Tom Split!? Raquel the reason!!!!

Emergency Pod!!!!! Tom and Ariana Split!!!! Raquel is the reason!!?! Join us as we break it all down and listen to our recap of Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras tonight in Anaheim! Follow us on Insta @vanderpumprulesparty Sarah- @sarahceeoc Hollie- @H2thewood Join our Patreon- ONLY $3 Join our Private FB Group Thanks for listening!

Season 10 Episode 4

Season 10 Episode 4 No home left to wreck James finds himself at the centre of the rumor mill when he gets kicked out of a nightclub while fighting with Ally; Katie tries to keep her ex in line with another ultimatum; Tom and Tom host a friends and family event at Schwartz and Sandy’s

Give them Lala Brands Event and Live Podcast taping

Hi Guys! We released this on Saturday in our Patreon but want to share it here too! We went to Downtown LA twice this weekend to see Lala and Scheana record their podcasts! We talk about it all here! Hope you enjoy! Can’t wait for the next episode of VPR on Wednesday!

Season 10 Episode 3

Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast Season 10 Episode 3 Troll Mates Lala drops a bombshell on Raquel that shakes the foundation of their new-found friendship; Sandoval takes some time away from the bar to play rock star with his cover band; Ariana and Katie take the next step in opening their sandwich shop.

Season 10 Episode 2

Season 10 Episode 2 Was it worth it? Raquel cozies up to Peter in an attempt to get over James; Lala opens up about the origins of her last relationship; James throws Raquel under the bus to Lisa; Katie comes face to face with the bar that led to the demise of her marriage. This…

Season 10 Episode 1 – Premiere!!!

Season 10 Episode 1 – THE PREMIERE!!!! Breaking Bubbas Katie and Schwartz attempt to maintain a friendship in the wake of their recent divorce; James introduces his new girlfriend, Ally, to the rest of the group; tensions between Schwartz and Lala bubble over when one of them commits an act of betrayal. How awesome was…

VPR Updates & Southern Hospitality Finale

Vanderpump Rules Social Media Updates and all about Charleston! Sarah teases us with her trip info to Charleston ( You can hear the full story on Patreon) We break down Southern Hospitality – If you are in the area on February 8th for the Season Premiere – join us to watch the episode or for…

VPR Trailer – Season 10!!!!

The Season 10 Trailer is here! Sarah and Hollie talk about the fresh new cast bios and take the trailer scene by scene! We are sooooo excited for Feb 8! Let us know what you think!!! Join our FB Group & Follow our insta!

VPR New Year Updates & Southern Hospitality

VPR New Year Updates & Southern Hospitality Happy 2023! We have so much to look forward to- LIKE THE SEASON 10 TRAILER!!!! We chat about what has been happening on social media and podcasts. Southern Hospitality left us with another cliffhanger – so we will see what happens next week! Happy New Year!

See You Next Tuesday – Holiday Edition

See You Next Tuesday – Holiday Edition We went to See You Next Tuesday to check it out! And we had so much fun! Hear all about our James Kennedy interaction! We also chat about Southern Hospitality! Have the best Holidays! We are truly so grateful for all of you!

VPR Updates- Southern Hospitality & Winter House

VPR Updates – Southern Hospitality & Winter House Sarah and Hollie are recapping Southern Hospitality & Winter House! Wait for the ice fishing part to hear what Sarah used to do! Have you entered in our Holiday Giveaway yet???? Follow along with us this weekend as we hit a T. Sandy concert in LA! xoxo