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Reunion Part 1

Reunion Part 1 Sandoval finds himself on the defensive when he gets called out for his poor decisions in the press. We break down the reunion scene by scene! What did you guys think!? Enjoy!

The Reunion First Look & The Valley Ep 8

We recap the VPR Reunion First Look! And the Valley – Episode 8 The Invite Fight Brittany and Jax’s struggles continue; Janet and Jason host a dinner party at their house and invite everyone but Kristen and Luke, further pushing a rift in the group; Jasmine tries to get to the bottom who started the…

Vanderpump Rules – Season 11 Finale

PLOT TWIST FINALE Episode!!!! Scheana performs live for the first time with her band; Katie clashes with Jo over a year’s worth of grievances; Ariana takes Dan to lunch with her friends; the fourth wall is left shattered when Tom approaches Ariana for conversation. Patreon: Join our Patreon here…

Inside the First Look of VPR Finale & Reunion!

Inside the First Look of VPR Finale and Reunion! You guys! It’s Finale night!!!!!!! We cover the reunion first look and the first 7 minutes of the episode tonight!!!! Here is the link to our Patreon:

VPR After Show, WWHL & The Valley

We get into all the After Show tea and WWHL! Then we cover The Valley- The #1 Gossip of the Group Janet and Jason confront Jax about cheating rumors. Luke begins to realize that dating Kristen isn’t as easy as he thought. Nia continues to struggle with postpartum blues while Brittany and Jax fail to…

VPR Season 11 Ep 14 – For Old Tom’s Sake

VPR Season 11 Ep 14 – For Old Tom’s Sake Lala celebrates her 33rd birthday with a sexy burlesque party. Ariana and Katie give Lisa an update on the status of Something About Her. Schwartz reconnects with Jo after their friendship breakup. When the group flies to San Francisco for a party. Scheana urges Sandoval…


VPR Tea We pour out that latest tea and let it spill all over the floor! Save the DATE- Book the FLIGHTS for June 22!!!!! 5PM! We will be back tomorrow for VPR and the VALLEY!

The Valley Ep: 6 and the Vanderpump After Show

What’s up! Happy Thursday! Today we cover the VPR After Show and The Valley! Congrats on your Hair Loss The Valley Episode 6 Jax tries to get Jasmine to do his dirty work and find out whether rumors about Michelle are true; after a negative pregnancy test, Kristen begins to worry; Brittany sees the progress…

VPR Season 11 Ep 13

Episode 13 Ariana invites her boyfriend, Dan, on the group’s upcoming trip to San Francisco. Katie is accused of spreading cheating rumors about Jax. Scheana’s attempt to apologize to Sandoval goes south when he throws a past indiscretion in her face.

Ariana & SAH Update! Summer House Recap

This podcast recaps the highlights of Ariana’s appearance at the Festival of Books and what she had to say about this season, Sandoval, the “girls”, Something About Her and whether or not she’ll return for Season 12! We also posted videos of her at this event in our Patreon! Next is a full Summer House and After Show…

Preview of our latest Patreon

Preview of our latest Patreon we discussed the Jax rumors, our own experience with that, chef Penny weighs in on SAH, and more hot topics from this week! You can join our Patreon here:

The Valley Ep5, VPR After Show and WWHL

We jump around in the beginning from WWHL and that after show and wrap it up with The Valley! The Valley: The ‘D’ Word The ladies retreat to Malibu for a girls’ night while leaving the boys to daddy daycare. Michelle opens up to Brittany that she isn’t sure she wants to stay with Jesse.

VPR Season 11 Ep 12- How’d You Like Them Apples?

How’d You Like Them Apples? A podcast rehashing the past sends everyone spiraling; Scheana releases a new song; Lala takes the next step toward expanding her family; Ally and James have a tough conversation; Scheana and Sandoval clash over a perceived betrayal Patreon:

The Valley Ep 4

The Valley Ep 4 Capri Chaos Jesse and Michelle deal with the aftermath of their Capri-themed dinner party; Brittany opens up to Jax about their lack of intimacy; Like plans a special date for Kristen; Janet invites the group to a charity gala.