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Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast
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RHOC – Season 18 – Ep 1-Exes and OCs

RHOC- Season 18 Ep 1 – Exes and OCs Shannon is doing her best to move forward as she faces the consequences from her DUI; Emily deals with a new gym obsession; relationships are put to the test as both Gina and Jenn explore new living arrangements with their partners

All about our Live Show at Jax’s!

It all happened! We can’t thank everyone enough for making our first Trivia Night such a success! Special shout out to Jax’s Studio City for trusting us to host the first Vanderpump Rules Trivia! Enjoy! Hollie and Sarah

Our Delayed Emergency Pod on Victoria, Kyle & Billie!

Emergency Pod Alert! Sorry for the delay- but we just had to talk about this! We get into it all! We also discuss RHOC Trailer & discuss Lala on Two T’s in a pod and all of Scheana’s Latest press! Are you coming to Vanderpump Rules Trivia at Jax’s?!!!! We are hosting and want to…

The Valley Finale!

The Valley Finale Opening Bars, Closing Chapters In the season finale, the entire group comes together to celebrate the opening of Jax and Brittany’s new bar. We had boots on the ground w. Sarah and Mic attending the finale party! Please come support us and play some Vanderpump Rules Themed Trivia! June 22nd 5PM!

The Valley Ep 11 – Darkside Danny

Darkside Danny The women throw a surprise baby shower for Janet. The whole group indulges in a dinner for the final night in Big Bear dressed in their partner’s fantasy. Come play Vanderpump Trivia with us on June 22 at Jax’s Studio City!

Vanderpump Reunion After Show & Secrets Revealed

We chat about the Part 3 Vanderpump After Show ( which was quite confusing and mostly about The Valley) and Secrets Revealed! This podcast made us crave Olive Garden and to check if our feet were dirty! Enjoy! Don’t forget to mark your calendar – June 22nd! Here is the link to Trivia at Jax’s…

Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 3

The final Reunion Episode! Part 3! Ariana breaks her no contact rule with Sandoval, leaving both in tears; Scheana defends her actions and suggests her rift with Ariana started well before the summer; Katie blames Sandoval for the downfall of her relationships with Schwartz.

“Something About Her” Review & The Valley Ep 10

We have to tell you all about “Something About Her”! We were 3rd in line and tried 4 of the Sandwiches! The Valley Ep 10 Babymoon Mayhem Jesse finally learns about the rumors swirling about his wife, Michelle. The guys come together to support Danny, who is feeling the mounting pressures of fatherhood. Come play…

Unedited Jo! Interview with Jo Wenberg

Unedited Jo! Jo Wenberg joins us tonight as we chat about the reunion and the entire season! We hope you enjoy this episode! You can follow Jo on insta: @jomygosh @shopjomygosh You can join our Patreon here:

Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 2

Reunion Part 2 The Season 11 reunion continues when Ally and Jo join the group and Andy Cohen presses Scheana and Schwartz for details on their secret make out in Vegas. Ariana opens up about the disconnect she felt with Scheana after the Lake Tahoe trip. Katie makes a surprising revelation about her “revenge bang”…

Reunion Part 1

Reunion Part 1 Sandoval finds himself on the defensive when he gets called out for his poor decisions in the press. We break down the reunion scene by scene! What did you guys think!? Enjoy!