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Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast
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Vanderpump Rules: S11 Ep 4 – Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer James and Ally throw their first pool party in their new house; Lisa Vanderpump gives Scheana and Lala advice on how to handle a broken friendship; Schwartz gets a haircut from his not-girlfriend, Jo; a face from the past makes an unexpected return.

VPR Rumors Debunked & plus Sneak Peek: Ep 4

Is the Jax and Brittany breakup Clickbait or true?? Come join us as we weed through the rumors! We can’t wait to breakdown the first look at Episode 4~ Thank you so much for always supporting us!

You’re not the Queen of the Group – Season 11 Ep 3

You’re not the Queen of the Group- Season 11 Ep 3 Schwartz hatches a scheme to bring the gang back together; Ariana sets firm boundaries with everyone regarding her ex-boyfriend; Katie and Scheana make a promise to prioritize their friendship: a shocking admission shakes Lisa Vanderpump to the core.

VPR Sneak Peek – Episode 3

Sarah and Hollie podcast live from a musical theater competition! We break down the latest sneak peek! Thank you so much for listening! You can join us on your Patreon! It’s only $3!

Vanderpump Rules- Season 11 Episode 2

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Episode 2 The Ultimate Betrayal Tom Sandoval returns to Los Angeles just in time for his birthday; his plans hit a snag when Ariana learns he wants to throw a party in their shared home; Scheana attempts to reinvigorate her music career.

VPR Social Media Updates & Southern Hospitality

There are so many pods dropping every single day with nuggets of info! We chat about the swirling rumors and so much more! Southern Hospitality in Miami was lit and we will be dropping a Patreon while parasailing! hahahaha! Enjoy! Tomorrow is VPR day! Can’t wait!

Season 11 Episode 1 – It’s finally happening!!!

It’s here!!! We are posting this live from Jax’s Studio City waiting to watch with everyone! Ariana puts on a brave face and attempts to rebuild her life after Tom’s infidelity; Tom Schwartz tries to make peace with his friends; James settles into his new life with Ally; Scheana opens up about her diagnosis; Lala…

Season 11 (First 7 minutes of episode 1)

We are recapping the first 7 minutes of season 11!!!! The full episode will be dropped tomorrow at our premiere party at Jax’s bar! ***** Ariana puts on a brave face and attempts to rebuild her life after Tom’s infidelity ; Tom Schwartz tries to make peace with his friends; James settles into his new…

Premiere Party!!!

Sorry for the delay on this! We had the best time at the Premiere Party and will tell you all about it! We also discuss episode 2 of Rachel goes Rouge!

Beverly Hills Recap from Sarah’s Childhood Bedroom!

Beverly Hills Recap from Sarah’s Childhood Bedroom! Recording live from Sarah’s childhood bedroom that her mother felt entitled to remodel (not cool), Sarah and her sister (also known as Dishgate lady) discuss the last episode of Beverly Hills. Kaia pulled out her medical records to school us all on the esophagus and whether or not…

Southern Charm & Southern Hospitality

Southern Charm and Southern Hospitality Sarah and Hollie talk about last weeks episodes We can’t wait to hear what Taylor has to say tonight! And what will happen with Trevor!? Will he be biking away or staying? Enjoy!