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Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast
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Season 9 Episode 8

Pitch Not-So-Perfect Katie makes a splash at Schwartz and Sandoval’s pitch meeting, much to Sandoval’s dismay, while Ariana coaches Raquel on how to set boundaries with James. Enjoy!!!!

Season 9 Episode 7

Season 9 Episode 7 We learn more about nose jobs, mushroom tea, & kicking down doors! Thank you so much for listening!!!!! Email:

Season 9 Episode 6

Season 9 Episode 6 This week’s episode was packed!!! We get more Brock info and talk about nose jobs! Thank you so much!!!!!

Season 9 Episode 3

Season 9 Episode 3 Sarah and Hollie are back to break down episode 3! We have the engagement and the mystery of Brock!!!! Enjoy!

Season 9 Episode 2

Season 9 Episode 2 Sarah and Hollie break down the 2nd episode of Season 9! The gang heads to Palm Springs! Thanks so much for listening!!!!!!

Season 9 Episode 1

Season 9 Episode! Vanderpump RULES is back!!!!!!! It felt soooooo good watching a fresh episode! Join Hollie and Sarah as they break down episode 1 of Season 9! Join our FB Group and follow our socials! Thank you!!!!!


ONE MORE DAY TILL THE SEASON PREMIERE! Hollie and Sarah jump on a quick episode to get hyped for season 9 that will debut tomorrow!!!! Be sure to download our latest episode after the season premiere! If you haven’t joined our private FB group- this is your sign! Do it! It’s fun and safe! Can’t…

Interview with Jamie Lynne!

Interview with Jamie Lynne! Sarah and Hollie are joined by Jamie Lynne to talk about ALL the THINGS! We chat about Sugar Taco and how she met Scheana! Follow her on insta @jamielynne24 This was such a fun interview! Thank you so much, Jamie! We are so excited to watch this season!!!

Debbie does Dallas and Sarah does Salt Lake

Sarah is solo today to touch on Beverly Hills, Salt Lake City, Jax Rants & rage tweets and how his business have fared compared to “Kyle with the platform” and the Magic of Season 6! Hollie and Sarah will be back on Sunday LIVE in person with a special guest joining them on this in-person…

You, Me & My Ex – Season FINALE

****OFF TOPIC POD******** Season Finale of You, Me & My Ex! The last episode of the series! This was such a fun little distraction while we are waiting for the new season of VPR to start! Hollie and Vanessa break it all down! Hope you enjoyed this shows much as we did! Thanks for listening!

RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 9

RETRO Vanderpump Rules – Season 4 Episode 9 Hollie and Sarah break down this super fun RETRO episode!!!!! Sarah tells some super funny stories! We are legit soooooo excited for the new season of Vanderpump Rules!!!!!!! Please join our private/closed FB Group! xoxo, Hollie and Sarah

You, Me & My Ex – Episode 8

***OFF TOPIC POD**** Sarah and Hollie will be back with a RETRO Pod on Tuesday Night! You, Me & My Ex – Episode 8 This week Hollie, Vanessa, Kenzie, and Whitney break down the latest TLC HIT…. You, Me and My Ex! Will Dominic be ok???? Will Caroline say yes???? Will baby Camila be born???…

You, Me & My Ex – Episode 7

You, Me & My Ex – Episode 7 Join Hollie, Vanessa, Kenzie, Darren & Whitney as they break down the latest episode of You, Me & My Ex!!!! Please check out the Disney Fans Family Guide on youtube!!! Here is the link:–JE6p0jmRHrYivA

World Dog Day- Vanderpump Dogs Event 2021

World Dog Day! Weho! Hi! This podcast is just a quick rundown of our day in weho at World Dog Day! We took the whole fam to enjoy the dogs! We had a blast! Join our private FB group to see all of our videos and photos!

RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 8

RETRO Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 8 Ariana turns 30 with the most adorable bday party ever! She legit looks like a fairy! The boys head to Vegas…. and Sarah and I take a walk down memory lane! Who’s apartment would you go too???? Hit us up and let us know on our social! Join…