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Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast
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Season 8 Season Finale

Season 8 FINALE We FINALLY made it. 20 episodes! We are coming off the dueling pool party drama and celebrating TOM TOM expanding and making it a year! Whewwwww! We break it all down! Join us! Hollie and Sarah You can follow us on social media Join our private/closed FB group @vanderpumprulesparty @vprpartypodcast Sarah: @pumpersnation…

Season 8 Episode 19

Season 8 Episode 19 Tale of two pool parties We have dueling pool parties in the valley, y’all! Another Dayna/Max/Brett fight and Kristen tells Ari that Stassi is making fun of her house! Enjoy! xoxo

Emergency Episode: Editor Bri Dellinger Drama

Emergency Episode An editor or Vanderpump Rules, Bri Dellinger, was a guest on The Twisted Plot Podcast hosted by Evelyn Marley. She was featured on episode 1 and 8. The episodes have not been deleted. We break down exactly what happened and how Sarah played a huge part in this entire timeline. You can still…

Interview with Danica Dow

Interview with Danica Dow We catch up with our favorite assistant manager at SUR, Danica Dow. We chat about season 8 and everything in between! You can follow Danica here: Insta: @danicadowww and @thebitchnthekitch Twitter:@danicadowww We had so much fun speaking with her! Thanks so much for listening! Hollie and Sarah

Season 8 Episode 18

Season 8 Episode 18 Mercury’s in Gatorade Scheana and Brett film a new music video. Max has a beach clean up day. And Jax is the MVP of the episode!!!!! Enjoy!

Season 8 Episode 16

Season 8 Episode 16 Another week podcasting in quarantine! Hope you are all doing well! We talk about this episode in detail!!!!!! Join us!

Season 8 Episode 15

Season 8 Episode 15 UGGHHHHHHHHHHH. This episode was a bust. We, per usual, break it ALL down! Enjoy! *** We will be recording part 2 of our Q&A tonight/tomorrow

Interview with Scheana Shay

Interview with Scheana Shay You guys, ITS ALL HAPPENING!!!!!!! Scheana joins us via SKYPE to talk about Vanderpump Rules and so much more! Hope you enjoy this episode! You can find Scheana here: Instagram: @Scheana TikTok: @Scheana Twitter: @Scheana **Check out her youtube channel too! Shoutout too for gifting us the most amazing bath…

Season 8 Episode 14

Season 8 Episode 14 We start out at the Venice Skate Park. Sigh. Producer Jerry gives himself another line and we break down the rest! Hope you are all staying safe! xoxo Hollie and Sarah

Wellness Check on Chad

Wellness Check on Chad He is back! You guys, it is freaking 3:45AM and we are still uploading….this took forever! We are hoping this brings a tiny bit of joy to you all!

Q&A with Hollie and Sarah – Part 1

Q & A with Hollie and Sarah This was such a fun episode for us! Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in! Clearly, we love talking about VPR and ourselves! *** Giveaway*** email us the answer to question! Check out

Season 8 Episode 13

Season 8 Episode 13 Hi Everyone!!!! Hope you are all doing okay. Join us as we recap the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules! You can join our private/closed FB Group or email us at or leave us a VM at (805)Vander-8 We will be back with a new episode- hopefully tonight! xoxo

Season 8 Episode 12

Season 8 Episode 12 Hope everyone is staying safe and hanging in there! This week we have a memorial and an extra themed party! Join us as we SKYPE all about it! Happy Birthday to the best podcast host ever, Sarah Cee! We love you soooo much! Can’t wait to truly celebrate when we can!

Interview with Charli Burnett

Interview with Charli Burnett We are so excited to share this interview with Charli Burnett! We Skyped and talked about Pasta, Avocado and sooo much more! You can find Charli on Insta here: @charliburnett Let us know what you think! Stay Safe!!!!! Hollie and Sarah

Season 8 Episode 11

Season 8 Episode 11 Mr. and Mrs. Jax Taylor The vows are being exchanged and we are excited for every single moment! During this crazy time, lets enjoy taking this episode apart scene by scene! Love you guys so much! Hollie and Sarah

Season 8 Episode 10

Season 8 Episode 10 Jax’s Last Hurrah It’s almost the wedding….and we have tons of events packed in for our viewing pleasure! We talk about it all! Enjoy!

Season 8 Episode 9

Season 8 Episode 9 If you’re going to drink, I can’t stop you Jax and Brittany’s wedding is FINALLY getting closer!!!!! Will Tom Sandoval be forgiven and permitted to attend????? What is going on w. the new cast? Has Charli tasted avocado yet? Will James and Raquel survive that drunken text thread??? We go over…