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Vanderpump Rules Party Podcast
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VPR Season 11 Ep 7- Written in the Stars

The group begins to mend their friendships; Lala expresses her desire to become a mother again; Scheana cries to Lisa about her insecurities with Ariana; Sandoval is forced to recognize he may never get closure with the woman he loves.

VPR Social Media & New York Part 2

We talk about all the latest from Lala announcing her 2nd child and more! Sarah and Hollie discuss more about their trip! (please bug Sarah for the toothbrush story!) lol Thank you guys so much for sending coffee for our trip! Feel free to keep supporting us on that platform! If you are interested…

VPR Season 11 Ep 6- Saw it on the Graham

Saw it on the Graham Sandoval attempts to reconnect with Scheana during a meditation exercise; Brock accuses a friend of spreading a rumor about his marriage; James and Ally announce their new family member to the world; Ariana and Katie embrace their inner bosses. Join our Patreon here: Only $3 a month to access everything!…

New York Trip Part 1 – Recorded in Time Square & Peter’s Interview Magic

Hollie and Sarah give you the details of their NYC trip so far and everything they have done and seen. Then, we reenact the magical interview with Peter Madrigal that Bravo&Blaze conducted…why…because Peter is pure gold. Good as Gold, in fact! How to support us: Patreon: Buy Me A Coffee:

Emergency Pod – Part 2

Well, this has never happened! We had to record a part 2 – cause we had to digest what we were reading and there is still so much more! Let us know what you think! Off to pack now! NYC or bust! Want to buy us a coffee???? Here is the link! Become a…

The Valley- Exclusive Look

The Valley- Exclusive Look We just watched the Exclusive Look of The Valley and jumped for joy! This looks so good and we are ready! From Jax and Brittany to Kristen effing Doute… it looks sooo good! What do you guys thinks!?!?! Join our Patreon- it is such an amazing way to support us for…

VPR Season 11 Ep 5 – Lake it or Break it

Lake it or Break it James surprises Ally with a new addition to the family; Scheana and Brock clash over hiring a nanny for Summer Moon; a tense conversation between James and Sandoval threatens to rick the fragile peace the group had just formed. Here is our Patreon Link- Join for all of our extras…

Vanderpump Rules: S11 Ep 4 – Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer James and Ally throw their first pool party in their new house; Lisa Vanderpump gives Scheana and Lala advice on how to handle a broken friendship; Schwartz gets a haircut from his not-girlfriend, Jo; a face from the past makes an unexpected return.

VPR Rumors Debunked & plus Sneak Peek: Ep 4

Is the Jax and Brittany breakup Clickbait or true?? Come join us as we weed through the rumors! We can’t wait to breakdown the first look at Episode 4~ Thank you so much for always supporting us!

You’re not the Queen of the Group – Season 11 Ep 3

You’re not the Queen of the Group- Season 11 Ep 3 Schwartz hatches a scheme to bring the gang back together; Ariana sets firm boundaries with everyone regarding her ex-boyfriend; Katie and Scheana make a promise to prioritize their friendship: a shocking admission shakes Lisa Vanderpump to the core.

VPR Sneak Peek – Episode 3

Sarah and Hollie podcast live from a musical theater competition! We break down the latest sneak peek! Thank you so much for listening! You can join us on your Patreon! It’s only $3!

Vanderpump Rules- Season 11 Episode 2

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Episode 2 The Ultimate Betrayal Tom Sandoval returns to Los Angeles just in time for his birthday; his plans hit a snag when Ariana learns he wants to throw a party in their shared home; Scheana attempts to reinvigorate her music career.

VPR Social Media Updates & Southern Hospitality

There are so many pods dropping every single day with nuggets of info! We chat about the swirling rumors and so much more! Southern Hospitality in Miami was lit and we will be dropping a Patreon while parasailing! hahahaha! Enjoy! Tomorrow is VPR day! Can’t wait!

Season 11 Episode 1 – It’s finally happening!!!

It’s here!!! We are posting this live from Jax’s Studio City waiting to watch with everyone! Ariana puts on a brave face and attempts to rebuild her life after Tom’s infidelity; Tom Schwartz tries to make peace with his friends; James settles into his new life with Ally; Scheana opens up about her diagnosis; Lala…